Cat and Dog Veterinary Hospital

Cat and Dog Groomingin Haslett, MI

Cat and Dog Grooming

For your convenience, grooming is available at Haslett Animal Hospital, in our Haslett location. We are proud to provide fine grooming services for both dogs and cats. Our pets often respond well to a good regular grooming as it improves their coat, nails, and skin, and can make them feel relaxed. Grooming is a wonderful way to make your pet feel and look their best. It is also a great opportunity to have your pet thoroughly checked over for any abnormalities, such as skin conditions, that our groomer may notice while working with your pet.

Vaccines are required for grooming.

Grooming and Bathing Rates

Note: We are currently not taking any XL dog breeds for new grooms, due to certain coat types. Owners are encouraged to call us to validate if the dog can be accepted.

Very short-haired pets, such as Dobermans, Pitbulls, Greyhounds, and Great Danes $50-60

0–15 LBS
0–15 LBS
15.1–30 LBS
30.1–60 LBS
60.1–90 LBS
90+ LBS
Other Services
Starts at $27
Medicated Shampoo
Teeth Brushing
Flea Shampoo
Starts at $21

Our Groomer

Haslett Animal Hospital’s groomer Fred is dedicated to quality pet grooming.

Our Grooming Hours

Our grooming services are available Monday through Friday. Most grooming guests are expected to be dropped off between 7am and 9am and can be picked up after 3pm.

Schedule your pet’s grooming visit by calling our office or emailing our general email address, located on our contact page.