Cat and Dog Veterinary Hospital

Cat and Dog Boardingin Haslett, MI

Cat and Dog Boarding

At Haslett Animal Hospital, we provide boarding services for the dogs and cats of our community. Our boarding facility includes accommodations for up to 15 dogs, each with their own 3x5 run. We also accommodate up to 8 cats for boarding with larger spaces available if 2 cats in your family would like to stay together. All boarding pets are walked and tended to three times daily and are fed according to the schedule you request. Food and bedding is provided for each of our guests, but pets can always bring their own if they prefer.

At our boarding facility, we are also equipped to provide overnight stays for sick pets because we have hospital staff available 24 hours a day, keeping pets monitored and comfortable, and administering medications.

Requirements at our Boarding Facility

All of our boarding guests are required to be up-to-date on their vaccinations, including: