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Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaningin Haslett, MI

Cat and Dog Teeth Cleaning

Dental health is one of the most important aspects of your pet’s overall physical health. The buildup of bacteria on teeth left untreated can contribute to future health problems including damage to major organs. This is why we strongly encourage all pet owners to keep those teeth clean. We can help!

Our annual wellness exam includes a thorough dental examination to determine the health and cleanliness of your pet’s teeth. For some pets, a dog and teeth cleaning is recommended.

Anesthetized Teeth Cleaning

All of our dog and cat teeth cleanings are performed under anesthesia. Once under anesthesia, your pets’ teeth are scaled, polished, and a fluoride treatment is applied. We perform full-mouth radiographs to assess the integrity of the mouth. Your pet will leave our hospital with a dental care kit that includes samples to help with preventative maintenance and at-home dental care instructions.

At Home Dental Care for Pets

Our team at Haslett Animal Hospital is dedicated to client education, and we want to answer all of your pet care questions. If you are unsure how to best perform at home dental care on your pet, we encourage you to talk with us. We’ll be happy to demonstrate proper oral maintenance and give you some tips on keeping your pet’s teeth clean.